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5 years in Fernie

As we enter 2015 its amazing that this will be our 5th year living in Fernie and a place we definitely now call home.

We finally bought our home in mid 2013 and moved in the home in 2014 as it was tennanted. Our little bit of paradise is downtown and in March we start our major renovation project which is both exciting and scary as hell ! I have every confidence in the contractor and i will be putting as much as i can too into the project.

As some may know i am the President and coach of Fernie Old School Boxing Club and we recently put on a charity event which raised $12,500 for a little girl in our community who has a very rare condition called AVM - She was in Jake's calls at school but has now had to relocate to Toronto to undergo the surgeries.

I am very proud of the Club, the boxers, the community and all involved with the event that made it such a success - I was truly humbled.

That is what i love about this town - there is a real sense of community and it goes deep and there is such an internationally diverse mix of people in the town -

This ski season has not been great but we have skied on the hill and made the most of it - Jake is really speeding up and hitting the rail parks - his new 115cm twin tips no problem for him!

So we will see what the spring and summer bring with the renos on the house adnd we hope to see our UK friends and families later in the year when we return to the uk for a month or so when the Rugby World Cup is on - Go England !!

Here is a link for some pictures of our Charity Boxing event and if you look carefully you may see a few of my ugly mug in there.

All the best to everyone for 2015

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